"Newly minted voice MFA Melissa McCann hit an octave I didn't know existed while singing the national anthem." -Orange County Weekly

Daily News Record, Harrisonburg, VA November 2017

Daily News Record, Harrisonburg, VA November 2017

A Baroque Masterpiece

New University February 4, 2014

"An outrageous turnout filled Winifred Smith Hall. To avoid turning people away, the performance was delayed fifteen minutes as extra chairs were placed on stage for the forty-some odd displaced patrons searching in vain for seats...The balance between the orchestra and soloists was impeccable, neither one drowning out the other. The beautiful suspensions from the soloists were performed with wonderful intonation as both singers were suitably in character...

...McCann proved to be in top form for the night, singing beautifully, with a great sense of line and legato. Her trills, an important element of baroque ornamentation, were on point and well defined. The large challenge of the night, however, proved to be one of stamina. Singing in a somewhat foreign style for forty minutes straight, as is required by this piece, is a formidable test. While McCann finished the night in fine voice...

...After a triumphant final “Amen” section, in which the performers celebrated an ascent to heaven, the audience rose to their feet in a richly deserved standing ovation, and McCann, Allen, and Dr. Tucker were called back for two extra curtain calls."